Hello! I’m a 19 year old student currently living in the Czech Republic.


I write about travelling, books, my thoughts and simply about all the things that I care about. If my blogposts inspire at least one person, then my main goal is accomplished.

If everything goes well and I get to a university, I will be moving to Scotland in one year.


I am an explorer. I am a huge fan of travelling. I am a language lover. I am a bookworm. I am a nerd. I am a wonderer who suffers from existential crisis from time to time. I am a hopeless romantic who loves looking at the stars and wondering if the lamb ate the rose or not. I am a dreamer and a hard-worker. I am a fighter for animal&human rights. I am an enviromentalist. I am trying to see all the colours in the world and with every new shade, I am trying to spread the picture so that others can see it as well. I am an endless fan of all the good and loving people on this planet.


I am convinced that our reason is not the only thing that makes us human. Love, compassion, grief, joy… Reason must live in symbiosis with our feelings. Reason helps us to control our feelings and feelings protect us from becoming heartless robots.

And that is why we need not only I THINK THEREFORE I AM, but also its inseperable partner – I FEEL THEREFORE I AM. Because only when these two combine can we realise that being alive is a beautiful miracle.

The world needs more love, less hate.

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I post every Saturday. I translate some of my posts to Czech (those with a Czech link on the top of the post are translated), unfortunately, I’m not going to have enough time to do so in the next months.

In one year time, I should be able to post on Wednesday as well and get back to translating.